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~ The Stations of the Cross ~

The Stations of the Cross which adorn the walls of our church were recently restored through the generosity of our parishioners. These stations are original to our church. A date of 1887 was found on the back of these stations. As was the custom, artwork created for sacred purposes does not carry the signature of the artist. It was often said that this work was for God's glory and not the glory or fame of the artist. The paintings have had two different frames in their existence and they were replaced in the 1950's by a plaster cast set which was purchased from a church in St. Louis that was closing. Since that time these hand-painted, original stations were simply stored in the damp church basement. It was during the restoration process of 1998 that they were rediscovered as rare works of art. We are proud to have been able to restore them to their original beauty for future generations to enjoy.

#1-Jesus is condemned to death on the cross

#2-Jesus accepts his cross

#3-Jesus falls for the first time

#4-Jesus meets his sorrowful Mother

#5-Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross

#6-Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

#7-Jesus falls the second time

#8-Jesus meets and speaks to the women of Jerusalem

#9-Jesus falls the third time

#10-Jesus is stripped of his garments

#11-Jesus is nailed to the cross

#12-Jesus dies on the cross

#13-Jesus is taken down from the cross

#14-Jesus is placed in the tomb

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